Polar Bear
Contemporary Artist
About me Amanda Shortman

Born in 1975, I grew up in the village of Yatton, near Bristol, finding a passion and a flair for art at a young age. I moved to Sussex in 1996, embarking on a degree in fine art at Northbrook College, Worthing, passing with honours in 1999. The college was of particular interest to me as it was one of a few courses at the time to offer life study classes, with portraiture always fascinating me the decision was made.

My work was primarily figurative, and portraiture will always be my roots and love in art. However, I have recently diversified into landscapes and quirky animal studies demonstrating my unique style which encompasses a broad range of subject matter. I always paint in oils on canvas and adore the possibilities and freedom it provides, especially exploiting the richness of colour inherent to the medium.

As an artist I have undertaken many jobs to pay the bills, but have always found time to pursue my love of painting, often accepting commissions from friends and colleagues. More recently I have been able to focus my attention on my art, selling much of my work through my own private network of clients.

Although I settled in Sussex for ten years, I moved to North Somerset in July 2006 and in 2007 retrained in Cardiff as an Art Teacher. I completed my NQT year at Northampton School for Boys in Northampton and moved to Manchester in August 2009. I am lucky enough to now live in New Mills in the Peak District and have my own studio in the garden, totally inspirational.