Polar Bear
Contemporary Artist

How would your commission turn out?

Obviously each commission is different and I always like to get an understanding of the subject that I am painting and whom I am painting it for.

Below is a photographic record of one commission.

Original Photograph  

Images recieved - at this point I will spend some time working out how I wish to put the image together.

More images the better, for this commission I received a total of 5 images giving me an idea of the dogs' characters.





  I will begin to draw out sketches of the subject and may forward these to the commissioner.



    Beginning Painting   This is the start of the painting, you can see the faint outline for guidance. I am focusing here on the fur of the dogs, trying to make these seem as realistic as possible.    
    Second Painting Stage   Now I will work on the background and try to put in shading that make them look as though they have seated for an "official" portrait.    
    Finished Painting   The finished article. The recipient was very pleased.